Dot Bronze Collection: Review & Tutorial

9:38 AM

Another day, another post, this time a review and tutorial of the new brand collection from Dot: Bronze.
Yesterday it was released on Plaza and at once it was quite a hype in the Stardoll community, and for a good reason: The colour range of this collection works for actually any skin colour which is not so usual, at all, for Dot. Also they're very trendy this season, if you check on the catwalks, the bronzed natural look is everywhere.
You can get various looks from them though, and the colours go amazingly with each other. From a natural look to a grungy or a nude lip with heavy eye you can really be creative with it.

The only two cons I have about this collection is that you've extremely similar colours on Transform (though this one is a good alternative as the prizes range from 4 to 7 sds, while in Transform is way more expensive than that). And secondly I don't understand why there's a need to have mascaras for this collection, I mean a brown colour is surely good but I highly doubt anyone will want to have their eyelashes nude or with an alike colour.

I've made this little tutorial using only items from this collection, check it out:

Products used:
Eyepencils - Burgundy Brown
              Nude Beige
                     Milk Chocolate
Eyeshadows - Burrgundy Brown
                      Milk Chocolate
               Nude Beige
Nude Beige Blush
Nude Beige Lipstick

I really wanted to do something with the gorgeous eyeshadows colours so I've used three different ones as also three eyeliners. Lighter colours on the inner corners so it gives the effect of bigger eyes, and a mixture of Burgundy and Chocolate colour on the rest of the eye. To finish it off I've used a nude lip not to make the look too heavy and the beige blush (the only one that actually fitted my doll's complexion).

Overall I really like this collection, I always love when Stardoll is attentive of what's in right now and also that all dolls can use this items.

What did you think about it yourself?

See you next time,

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