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Hello everyone,

yesterday the three-day Stardoll Fashion Week has come to an end with an amount of nine designers presenting their hard work from the last months. From risky high slits to beautiful handmade gowns we've seen everything the stardoll fashion world has to offer.
We shared beautiful moments together as a community and therefore we thank the host of the SFW Alex a.k.a. Pau.Cam.Arena for this joyful and incomparable event.
In this post we will review all Stardoll collections seen on the catwalks and in the end establish a rating from the best to worst.

Tania will take comments on the aspect Creativity, Meto on the collection's Concept and Idea and Manda will judge the segment Graphic Design.

Now let's begin right ahead with the first collection of Day 1 presented by Daisygirlz, called Black Magic.

Black Magic
by Daisygirlz


Graphic Design: I think the quality of the graphics is about mediocre, while some pieces look a little overshaded, some other pieces look as if they didn't have any shading at all and some other pieces look just right. Still, I'm not a fan of the "blur effect" the artist uses for the shading of the clothes. All in all, the fashion pieces do have a three-dimensionality tho which makes them look wearable and convex but the clothes sometimes miss depth and details. I'd give the Graphic Design 5/10 points.

Concept: The sense of this collection is very confusing to me. The collection looks like a compilation of 3 completely different mini collections. Despite the fact that I don't like the style of it (and the very high slits), some of the pieces are definitely wearable. 5/10

Creativity: All looks are a bit quite the same, it's all about sheer and glitter, the color range is very narrow and the clothes have very similar cuts. I'd also liked to have seen another hairstyle but it's nice you've changed the hair color at least. I give an 5/10.

Altogether Black Magic scored a 15/30 points or 50% of 100% possible.

by Aeon_Flux_96

Graphic Design: The shading on the dresses is on the right places and has a  realistic appearance, the skirt-parts of the dresses look very soft and vivid, though I think you could have went more out of the box by featuring more channeling materials or diverse fabrics instead of shading always the same kind of texture. Also, you mostly used the Stardoll basic pose without editing it much so in the end of it all we end up with 7.5/10 points.

Concept: I really like the idea of this collection and one immediately notices the big influence the Audrey Hepburn style had on this collection. You presented your designs mostly in a stylish and fashionable way, while some dresses might seem a little old fashioned. Besides, I think you could have done more with the style versatility. You did good in transmitting a feeling of the 50s but I'm not sure if the catwalk and background complement the collection's theme. 7/10

Creativity: I think this collection is beautiful but I'm not sure if I would call it creative. I feel like this collection lacks diversity - we only see dressed in similar shapes, most of which are in achromatic colors. I like a few more different textures for some of the looks could have been great. I'd give this collection 6/10 in creativity.

Altogether Flux Fashion Line scored 21/30 points or 70% of 100% possible.

by Joe412

Graphic Design: The first thing I noticed was how well made this collection is! The graphics of the clothes are mostly very realistic and list several details as the artist masters several materials and fabrics such as fur and wool. The plastic trousers and leather textures at some points do look choppy though. Besides that, the hair shading is really well made. I only think the skin shading could have been more detailed and defined as it does look a bit off sometimes. 8.5/10

Concept: I really like this collection. It is full of modern vibes which makes it so cool. I really love the mixing of materials in some of the pieces and the addition of fur in some of the looks adds a very luxurious touch. It is a pity thought that we didn't get to see full head-to-toe looks. I give this collection 9/10.

Creativity: I am so in love with this collection, you've been creative and unique in way more than one way. The fact that you've used male models only makes you at once stand out from the crowd, but on top of that the different textures and pieces, that you were not afraid to risk makes this collection one of the best ones on SFW. I also liked that you changed the backgrounds slightly, it gave a really nice, vivid touch. I give 9.5/10

Altogether Joe-S by Joe412 scored 27/30 points or 90% of 100% possible.

Graphic Design: With this collection, Rozalia really proofed her graphical talent and outdid herself as she made some of the most realistic fabrics of the whole Fashion Week.. I have not much to criticize except that the shading on the hair is sometimes a little too dark so it seems a bit unbalanced, otherwise the shading on some clothes could have been a tiny tiny little bit more defined (mainly white pieces or fabrics with white elements). Altogether, this collection deserves nothing less than 9.5/10 points

Concept: I love this collection and it's definitely my favorite from this Fashion Week. Just like the name suggests it is indeed a very hypnotic body of work. I really love the pieces. The use of visual illusions could have easily ended up looking tacky but luckily that's not the case here. I give Black And White Hypnosis 10/10

Creativity: Perfect collection. Not only the pieces are unique, you played a lot with fabrics, textures, prints and the result is amazing. I also like the fact you chose a big variety of different dolls (female and male, also of different colors), used more than one hairstyle and hair color  and didn't forget to accessorize. I give this collection a big fat 10/10

Altogether Black and White Hypnosis by Rozalia214 scored 29.5/30 points or 98% of 100% possible.

by Kemoue

Graphic Design: Overall I think the graphical quality in this collection is okay. The clothes look very two-dimensional and the shading on some pieces - like on the white suit and see-through nude dress/body/thing - looks almost non-existent. The shading of the clothes miss depth and lack a realistic reproduction of the fabrics. Also, some dresses have a very blocky shading, seen in the green and blue look which make the outfits seem tacky. 5.5/10 points for the graphic design.

Concept: I don't understand this collection. Some of the looks give out traditional Indian wear vibes but then we see the last look which I believe was highly unnecessary. To me this collection as a whole is quite tasteless and I give it 2/10 for the effort.

Creativity: In the sense of creativity I am really not feeling this collection to be honest, it reminds me too much of other collections that were released previously in Dollywood, also the pieces look so much alike each other, it get just too boring (it's all about glitter and sheer fabric). The background is nice though, and different from the ones in the other collections, also the fact you've a different variety of models helps some. I give this collection 4/10

Altogether The-Kemoue by Kemoue scored 11/30 points or 37% of 100% possible.

by Pau.Cam.Arena

Graphic Design: The graphics in this collection are amazing, the shading is very smooth and soft and totally fits the concept of Nook. The fabrics look very realistic and appear precious through the balanced, delicate shading technique. While I usually think some clothes here could be more detailed and defined (like the nude/white dress with V-cleavage), I have to admit it works perfectly fine for this collection. The hair shading is perfect, the skin shading on some places does look a tiny bit blocky but that's just a minor issue. 9.5/10 

Concept: I really like this collection. The vibrant palette of colors makes the collection look very striking. I love the cuts of most of the pieces from this collection even though some of the clothes looked a bit too ostentatious compared to others. Overall it is a lovely collection and I think it deserves 9/10. 

Creativity: Just beautiful. The color range of the collection is very vast, the pieces are quite different from each others and I'm really liking the outdoor background, very unique and feminine, which really matches it. I like also how the models look different from each other but still are a whole. I give this collection a 9/10

Altogether Nook by Pau.Cam.Arena scored 27.5/30 points or 92% of 100% possible.

by khalelgadban

Graphic Design: Like the completely mixed up concept, the graphics look like they were made from three different people. The first look is graphic-wise the best of all, the shading is realistic and the clothing looks three-dimensional and smooth. The second look has a total different shading style and suddenly - contrary to the first look - the dress lacks depth and appears two-dimensional. The other two left looks have yet again another shading-technique where a few flaws can be easily spotted as well. Altogether, the fruit salad results in 6.5/10 points.

Concept: This collection is just weird. They have put together four completely different looks. To me the looks together don't look like a collection. I am sorry but the concept of it seems cringeworthy. I have to admit that I actually like the first look but still the concept stays with 2.5/10 points.

Creativity: While the background is pretty creative it reminds me quite a lot from the one of The-Kemoue. The side posing model is surely unique as it was the first time anyone dared to do so in a collection so I'm pretty pleased with that, and as for the rest of the pieces they're nice but again reminded me a lot of past collections (Maria's ones actually, and again the same issue which was with The-Kemoue). I give this collection 4/10.

Altogether SR by Khalelgadban scored 13/30 points or 43% of 100% possible

Maria Signature
by maria-0077

Graphic Design: The graphics of the clothes are immensely detailed. While most of the creations look very realistic and have a stunning definition a few pieces have a two-dimensional touch and lack a little in depth. The skin shading is good, you could make it even more defined with a few more layers of highlights on the cleavage and a few more framing shadings on arms, legs and neck. The shoes are made perfectly and I love that you play with transparent fabrics in several looks which adds to an amazing graphic. Graphic-wise, we've seen more stunning things from Maria, but in this clothing line it's more about the designs themselves than the graphic quality and those are fantastic. For this collection, I give you 8.5/10 points for the graphic design.

Concept: I love the theme of this collection and it is impressive how it is very dark yet so hip and glamorous, but I have to say that even though it is my favorite piece, the last dress - the bridal one, I felt like it didn't fit the theme. I think they could have added some details that would make it feel dark - but that's just a personal opinion. Whatsoever, a super fabulous collection, 8.5/10

Creativity: The more I see of this collection, the more I love it, it's like it's shouting uniqueness to me. While you keep it all in the same theme (well except with the bridal dress), you've really very different edgy pieces, also when I scroll it I realize that there's not one doll with the same skin color, all are different even if slightly. The background you chose for your collection is just awesome, and the fact you've in the pictures the model presenting the piece and then the other model coming is really something new. Can't wait to see more! I give a 9.5/10

Altogether Maria Signature by Maria-0077 scored 26.5/30 points or 89% of 100% possible.

LOVE: Dark Bloom
by xXSophiie.luvXx

Graphic Design: For me, the graphical quality of the clothes is the best from the whole Stardoll Fashion Week. Every single piece looks on point, the fur is greatly detailed, the leather looks so realistic I can hear it screeching right in front of me and the different fabrics (transparent and solid) are vivid and dynamic. I am also drooling over the hair  which is drop dead gorgeous. Can't be less than 10/10 for such a great work. 

Concept: Here we have another dark themed collection, and we have only one bright dress as well but in this collection the addition of it feels intentional unlike in Maria Signature. A few of the looks from this collection are very elegant and chic while others are trying to be edgy but they're not there yet so it ends up looking a bit tawdry and crass. Overall the concept is a 7.5/10 for me. 

Creativity: Considering you make the pieces yourself with no reference basis is surely pretty impressive and unique. I'm loving the variety of clothes designs while keeping yourself in the theme. Even then though I'd have loved if you had done more than  just black pieces (could be still dark to fit the theme though for instance the beige dress goes really well with the rest) so we could see better the details of the pieces but also to not have the same color all over. 9/10 from me 

Altogether LOVE: Dark Bloom by xXSophiie.luvXx scored 26.5/30 points or 89% of 100% possible.

We didn't include Euphoria into our reviews, because while we thought it was a very innovative and an out of the box idea (with a very talented artist behind it), for us it was difficult to find a common ground with the other collections and by that difficult and unfair at a certain extent to judge.. Though,
for the creativity of this collection we'd definitely give the highest amount of points.

In resumé the reviews of the collections from the Stardoll Fashion Week end up in this rating:
  1. Black and White Hypnosis by Rozalia214 (29.5/30)
  2. Nook by Pau.Cam.Arena (27.5/30)
  3. Joe-S by Joe412(27/30)
  4. Tie between Maria Signature by maria-0077 and LOVE by xXSophiie.luvXx (26.5/30)
  5. Flux Fashion Line by Aeon_Flux_96 (21/30) O
    - under twenty points -

  6. Black Magic by Daisygurlz (15/30)
  7. SR by khalelgadban (13/30)
  8. The-Kemoue by kemoue (11/30)

A big congratulations to all collections and designers who were part of the Stardoll Fashion Week and made this event so magical and giving us the possibility to make this review post! Doll Nest can't wait to see & hear more from you!

That's it for this year's Stardoll Fashion Week, we hoped you liked our reviews and we'd like to hear your opinions down below in the comments, which was your favorite collection?

The Doll Nest Team

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5 Kommentare

  1. thanks so much for the tips, will listen for the next time :*

  2. my favorite collection was with no doubts love by pablo, the-kemoue and SR were terribly embarassing

  3. Thanks for not featuring Euphoria, it was quite different than all the other collections so it would not have been fair if you judged it the same way. Xx Alex

  4. All the designers did very well I believe. You can see that each designer has put a lot of work into their collections. To see such a variety is great and shows how diverse our community is and their creative ideas :)

    Always remember to have a cohesive collection designers! It is very important to having an effective collection which interests the wider audience. Many of you achieved perfect cohesion but it is always something to be aware of, especially for some of the newer designers out there.
    I am excited to see what happens at the next SFW. This is a great way to feature the great amount of talent within Stardoll ♥