Dressup Obsessions: Bohemian Variations

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Another day, another dressup obsessions, this time Bohemian Variations!
This looks are not necessarily totally this style but rather certain parts of it or inspired by it. This look is extremely in at the moment, it has came back from the 70's fashion and is now on full force, though in a more sophisticated modern way.

#1 - Jeany jeans

Ripped Denim Shirt - Bonjour Bizou
High Waist 70's Shorts - It Girls
Tan Suede Gladiators - Fever
Basket Weave Tote - MMM Fashion
Denim was so in back then and it's surely now again. Any kind of denim is good and the more denim in the look the better. As you can see in this outfit I've used two jean pieces, they might be simple and of different colours, but they look pretty good together, also with the accessories you've at once the look we're going for.

2# - Floral Power
Fairy Tale Gown - Dolce & Gabanna Tribute
Gold Chains - Callie's Picks
Gold Sequins Pochette - RIO
Gol Strap Valli Heels - Giambattista Valli Tribute
Another big trend for this warm season: floral patterns. The more bold and graphical the better, and this Dolce & Gabanna dress is one of the best examples, if not the best, in Stardoll of this trend. I only needed to pair it with some gold based accessories and I was ready to go and looked fab.

Sleeveless Scuba Top - Melbourne Minimalism
Hotbuys Coachella Pants - Pretty n' Love
Almost Famous Stachel - It Girls
Coco Lace Sandals - Chanel
The HotBuys pants are like the Batman of this outfit, the stachel Robin and the Top Catwoman (and the sandals maybe Alfred?). A very hippie look, but with the upper part quite some more modern to not to have the look too relaxed.
You can do inumerous amounts of bohemian/hippie looks with this trousers, so don't feel afraid to try it out!

And that's it for today! Did you like the looks? Which one was your favourite? And which theme would you like me to write about next time?


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