Style Check #1

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          (FashionGirl503)*                                 (janetteLow)*                                              
Both outfits are based on the red, eye-catching Fire Red Blazer inspired by Balmain but each decided for a complete different combination. In the end both managed to create a wonderful looks.

FashonGirl 1503:
Combination: 10/15
Colors: 11/15
Makeup/Hair: 10/10
Idea: 7/10

Altogether: 38/50 Points or 76%
Feedback: While I think the red blazer makes a great match with the white necktop, I feel like the bottom part of the outfit doesn't really work together with the rest of the look. Despite the fact that I think white pants would have been the best choice, the blue denim fabric of the skirt seems a little too contrary for the expressive red - overall the skirts is a little too street fashion for the chic upper part.
Instead of white pumps, I'd choosen discreet black pumps or heels that would have made the outfit look more rounded and stable. Also some accessoires would have been nice. Apart from that, I'm totally in love with the hair and makeup that fit perfectly to the normcore style in here.

*FashionGirl1503 wears Balmain Inspired Fire Red Blazer, PPQ Sleeveless White Turtleneck, It Girls Double Layer Skirt, PPQ Faux Snakeskin Stilettos.

Combination: 13/15
Colors: 14/15
Makeup/Hair: 10/10
Idea: 8/10

Altogether: 45/50 Points or 90%
Feedback: I really like the style of this look, it is very chic and minimalistic. The colors intervene really well with each other, the red blazer embraces the whole look which is underpinned by the big amount of blacks. The shoes, makeup and hair fit perfectly into this look, maybe a red lipstick would have made an even better connection to the red blazer but that's a matter of taste. The only thing I have to criticize is that I am not very in love with the scarf that is pinned under the blazer. For me it makes the look a tiny little confusing. The clutch is a nice accessoire and makes the look dynamic.

*janetteLow wears Balmain Inspired Fire Red Blazer, It Girls Stardoll polo, Dior Couture Tribute Black Trousers, LE Cashmere Lace Scarf, Callie's Picks Black Folder DvF Purse, PPQ Cream Label Minimalist Strappy Sandals.

Do you like these looks styled with the red blazer?
Which is your favorite outfit? Write down in the comments below.

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2 Kommentare

  1. I have to go with jnettteLow, love her look

  2. JanetteLow is my favourite. She always creates stunning looks, just like this one.