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Get The Look: Lolita

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The term "Lolita" may refer to either the novel from the XX century by Vladimir Nabokov or the Japanese Lolita fashion. In this post I am going to show you my take on both Lolita styles and I am going to try to help you get the Lolita look that you desire.

Dolores or as Humbert called her - Lolita, the main character from Nabokov's novel is a twelve year old girl who is sexually attractive and dresses in a way that is sort of sexy yet still manages to have a little bit of innocent feel.

If you want to go for a Nabokov Lolita look I am suggesting braided hair or pig tails, retro heart-shaped sunglasses, short shorts combined with cute tops or summer dresses. A little bit of jewelry could be okay but not necessary.
 For this look, for which I was inspired by Nabokov's novel, I used the McQueen Eyelet Dress and Vivienne Red Purse from Tingeling Halloween Couture, Silver Sandals from Film Theory and Sui Hot Glasses from Anna Sui Tribute

Lolita fashion is  a Japanese fashion subculture. While the Dolores Lolita look is about looking sexy, Lolita fashion is more about flamboyant hair and clothes that are of child-like nature, like the infamous angelic pretty dresses, kids' socks, etc. 
The Lolita fashion has four basic variations: Classic Lolita, Sweet Lolita, Gothic Lolita and Punk Lolita. 

Classic Lolita
Classic Lolita is mostly inspired by Victorian and Regency styles. It's something between the Gothic and the Sweet Lolita, so basically it is not as cutesy as the Sweet Lolita but not as dark as the Gothic Lolita either.
For this Classic Lolita look I used the Valli Inspired Tulle Dress by Couture Tribute, Studded Clogs by Chanel Tribute. Cream Lace Capris from Voile and Cream Tweed Chain Bag by Riviera.

Sweet Lolita
Focused on the fantasy aspect of Lolita, the Sweet Lolita is obsessed with bright colors and pastels. Childlike motifs are often used in the designs of the Sweet Lolita clothing.
I created this Sweet Lolita look using the Belted Lace Romper from Dolce & Gabbana Tribute, Chanel Babydoll Dress from Chanel Tribute, White Tweed Jacket from Chanel Tribute, Falling Socks from Pretty n'  Love, Spring Platform Clogs from Pretty n' Love,  Lait De Coco Bag from Chanel Tribute and Plastic Flowers Headband from Limited Edition.

Gothic Lolita
This is a combination of the Gothic and the Lolita style. The Gothic Lolita wears dark make-up and clothing. Red lipstick and well defined black eyeliner yet most of the time the make-up remains fairly natural like the rest of the Lolita sub-styles.
To get this Gothic inspired Lolita look I used the Feather Accent Dress from PPQ, High Heel Ankle Boots w/ Studs from Fallen Angel, Wild West Feather Headpiece from Other World and Idoru Umbrella from Fallen Angel.

Punk Lolita
The Punk Lolita adds punk elements, such as tattered fabric, ties, chains, safety pins, plaids and screen printed fabric to the Lolita fashion. Common Punk Lolita footwear includes boots and shoes with platforms.
For this Punk Lolita inspired outfit I used the Courtney YSL Dress from Saint Laurent Paris Tribute, Ann Buckle Skirt from Fallen Angel, Black Stud Socks from Bonjour Bizou, Bling Platforms from Film Theory and Inspired by Chanel Handbag from Decades,

I hope you found this post fun and helpful, and if you decide to try out any of these Lolita styles on your doll be sure to take a picture and post the link to it in the comments- I would definitely love to see your interpretations.


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