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Artist Of The Week: Kali Uchis

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If you already listened to the playlist I shared a few days ago, you have already heard a few songs by her, but now let me introduce her art as a whole - This time the artist of the week is Kali Uchis.

Heavy lip liner to match the heavy eyeliner and thrifted outfits, while her Bridgette Bardot blonde hair reveals a love of sixties and seventies soul and the open-minded culture embroiled within it. Her chola Barbie look is also displayed in her raspy vocals, easily switching from sugary gloss to Latino sass with Amy Winehouse hints.

Colombian singer-songwriter Kali Uchis' saccharine sound mixes decades and styles, gaining notoriety and support from popular musicians Snoop Dogg and Rick Rubin – after navigating vintage samples on her 2013 debut Drunken Babble. She has recently released the Por Vida EP, nine tracks of modern soul produced by the likes of Tyler, The Creator and Kaytranada.

“I detest trends 
or brand names,
I prefer to make my own clothes
and use style as another creative outlet
rather than buy expensive clothes that
everyone else wants.”-Kali Uchis

Kali's allusion to low-rider cool isn’t the only theme in her creative concepts. Her visuals are a near idealistic vision of unity, freedom and female empowerment, creating worlds where the sugar crushed fantasy of her music can live.

She says that being raised between Colombia and the U.S. has helped her see the world in a different light. "I was very aware that my present circumstances were always malleable and that there's a whole other world out there" she explains, "No matter if you feel stuck, you can live so many different lives just inside this one."

Let me know what you think of Kali's music and style in the comments.


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    1. kali isn't a racist!

    2. yeah, but person who wrote this post is

    3. you probably don't even know what racist means

    4. I wanted to leave this discussion here uncommented but I think I have to say something about this topic.
      First of all, we appreciate every kind of criticisms, suggestions, opinions and comments but we do not tolerate unjustified insults at all.
      Tell me, in what extent is Meto being a racist? In this post the word 'chola' is used for a look description about Kali Uchis, Meto doesn't label her with the chola imagery or "look", Kali Uchis gave her look this description on her own. Still, if you google Kali Uchis you will see several sources saying that her style is inspired by the "chola look" (As in:,quotation,: "The chola look itself is geared around the hair, but extends to the following: dark lipliner with a lighter lipstick, cat-eye glasses, baggy Dickies denim or khakis, oversized flannels buttoned up to the top, gold chains with crucifixes or St Christopher medals dangling at the end and the aforementioned skyscraper bangs"). They don't use chola in a negative aspect, they desribe her look as chola (I know chola is not a style, I am just evaluating out of their perspective, an example here: "Colombia-born, Virigina-raised, Los Angeles-based rapper/singer Kali Uchis is a many-edged threat, as the 19-year old artist takes on all fronts of her artistic direction–writing her own rhymes, producing, styling her signature neo-chola look, directing her own music videos, and even organizing a tour that took her home to Bogotá").
      Some people say "chola" is similar to the use of the words "queer", "nigga", "gangsta", etc. It depends on the context with which you use it though. Some people openly embrace it as a cultural term. Others feel uncomfortable with it while others are offended by it. Depending on how you see it a word always got a different meaning, in one sense it is offensive, but in another, it's a sense of cultural pride. Words have the meaning they're assigned with.
      Meto never gave the word any bad attribution neither did he put it in a negative context.
      "Racist" is an insult such as "Slut" is - so next time before you insult out of nowhere, please think twice about it.