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Artist Of The Week: Melanie Martinez

10:43 AM


 If she were on Stardoll, I am a hundred percent sure her favorite shop from the Starplaza would be Sunny Bunny. Bright colored babydoll dresses and her bi-colored Japanese Lolita hairstyle is what makes her differ in a visual way from everyone else on the popular music scene right now.

Melanie Martinez, known for competing in the TV talent show The Voice in Adam Levine's team, is set to release her debut album called Cry Baby on the 14th of August this year. I personally can't wait to get my hands on it and listen to the 13 tracks which I predict to fall in love with.

Judging by the 4 songs from this album that she has released so far "Dollhouse", "Soap", "Pity Party" and "Carousel" (featured in American Horror Story: Freak Show) I expect an alternative pop album that has a bright and colorful exterior and a very dark interior filled with a fair amount of hip hop influenced beats and cool lyrics that can be interpreted in more than one way which makes them easier to relate to.

Be sure to check out Melanie's music and I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do.

"Plastic! Go back to being plastic!" xoxo,

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