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Get The Look: Normcore

7:41 AM


If I had to describe my personal style most of the time, in one word it would definitely have to be normcore.

The normcore trend has been interpreted as a reaction to the fast-changing fashion trends nowadays. Normcore clothes include everyday items of casual wear such as crisp shirts, sporty coats, easy knits and sneakers, but not items such as neckties or dress shirts. These pieces of clothing are worn by both men and women, which makes normcore a unisex style. 

People who are sporting the normcore style are people who don't want to distinguish themselves from others by their clothing. However this doesn't to mean that they are unfashionable people who wear whatever comes to hand, but that they consciously choose clothes that are undistinguished – except, frequently, for a highly visible label to impart prestige. 

To help you get the normcore style on Stardoll I created a few outfits.

 Cashmere Long Sleeve Top from It Girls, Sand Boyfriend Pants from Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren, Tan Streetstyle Overcoat from Strike A Pose and Sneakers from Evil Panda.

Chanel Handpainted Sweater from Chanel Tribute, Boy Trousers from Killah, Subcouture Sneakers from Subcouture, Faux Leather Cap from Original Future and Chain Bag from

Frappé Tee from It Girls, LE Patchwork Jeans from Limited Edition, UGG Laelahologram White from UGG Australia and White Clasp Shoulder Purse from Chanel Tribute.

Suggested items to use in a normcore look.

Send me your normcore looks in the comments for a chance to get featured in my next post.


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  1. This is my try to make a normcore Outfit.