Why is accessorizing so important? + Tips

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Once upon a time there was a doll in Stardoll called Bottega. She was cute, nice looking, had lots of clothes and her eyebrows were always on fleek. Something was missing in her life though, but she didn't know quite what it was...

Her outfits were always too plain, she felt like she was using the same stuff all over and she just couldn't live like that anymore, she was such a basic bitch. She prayed and begged to the Doll gods to show her the right way and take her from such affliction.

Then one day, when arriving to her suite after another guilt feeling shopping spree, on her main room an huge amount of gifts were waiting for her..


Yes! Accessories!
Bottega exclaimed 'The gods must have listenned to my prayers' (which was not really the case, Bottega's friends were just frustrated by the lack of style of her).

Accessories can not only complete a look, but totally change it. Use them wisely and they will take a plain outfit to a total show stopper. See what I mean with my examples bellow: 

Bottega is wearing Nude Ballet Dress by Voile

So here it's, Bottega as its plainest (if that's even a word). It's a nice dress in itself, the hair is done and the makeup simple but giving her face a pop of colour but that's about it.

Now imagine you can make her become whoever you feel like. Maybe, a hippie girl that is going on an inter rail and has dreams to go to Coachella next year?

Now paired with Gold Seashel Neclace from Bonjour Bizou,
Almost Famous Satchel from IT Girls and Brown Boots from
As you see, only three more little pieces can make such a difference. The bag and boots are surely statements pieces and totally give the look we are going for, while the neclace gives a bit more relaxed vibe, so all goes with each other.

Wearing Dinasty Veil from Pretty n' Love, Colour Arm Sleeve Tattoo from Fallen Angel,
Love from Ink, Red Checked Bag from Fallen Angel, Studded Knee High Stocking from Fallen Angel also and Trash Boots from

Now a church look! Jk. Using the same dress I made the doll look like an entire different person, just with the accessories. Surely it took quite some of them since the dress is pretty girly itself but now we've a totally more grungy vibe going on.

Our girly girl is now with Rose Headpiece from Perfect Day, Hot Buys Circle Handle Purse from Bonjour Bizou
Pastel Ankle Socks from Killah and Silver Lace Heels from Pretty n' Love
And at last we made Bottega a cute girl lady, using soft light colours and a very feminine headpiece. Not so difficult but again very different.

Some little tips (cause this post is already too big for more than that):

1.Don't be afraid to try out things, you'll be more memorable if you just risk instead of being all the time in the safe zone being Plain Jane;
2. If you find very cheap sales buy as much as you can from accessories, you might not know what to use them with but later on you'll figure out something and have many more different looks;
2. Hair, makeup and coats (outerwear in general) can also be used as an accessorie: use and abuse of that.

I hope you guys liked my first post here (and in a very long time). I'd love to know your favourite look in the comments bellow, or how you'd have accessorized this dress yourself.


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