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Get The Look: Coven | Part 1/2

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Hello everyone,

welcome back to a new episode of 'Get The Look'. For a matter of fact, I'm a huge fan of the hit series American Horror Story. Since I'm also a huge fashion victim, I can't deny that Coven is American Horror Story's most fashionable season of all. In this brilliant witch-based season, we get several looks and styles presented by each witch. Indeed, every witch got her own personal style which embraces her personality and makers her so unique. As Stardoll gives everyone of us countless fashion opportunities it tempted me to resemble the Coven's styles in our stardoll fashion. In the following I will present a few of the individual witch styles with stardoll clothes.

1st Look: Millionaire Mansion Floor Length Cadi, Fever Skyblue Silk Top, It Girls Blue Wrap Around Skirt, Fallen Angel Nineties Platforms.
2nd Look: Museum Mile Silver Thread Romper, Pretty n' Love Hot Buys Chiffon Blouse, Basics White Elegant Top, Antidote Ivoir Orbit Socks, Nelly High Heel Slim Boots, Denim & Supply Ralph Hat.
3rd Look: PPQ Gaucho Hat, Fallen Angel Hot Buys Hedi Black Vest, Decades Hot Buys Collar Blouse, Basics Black Lace Dress, It Girls Bow Belt, Antidote Ivoir Orbit Socks, bonjour bizou Hot Buys Platform Spikers.
4th Look: Fallen Angel Cross Necklace, Fallen Angel Iron Claw, It Girls Mermaids Dress, Archive Dress Inspired by Proenza Schouler, Nelly Hard Rock Boots, Denim & Supply Ralph Hat.

Zoe Benson's style is a mix of playful and edgy clothes. Look No. 1 shows Zoe's sweeter side of her style. The skyblue silky top and the dark blue quitted school skirt give the look a hearted touch whereas the black floor-length cardigan and the dark platforms give the top and skirt an edgy tone.
The 2nd look is yet again a style-mix out of the chic, strict blouse and the playful, dark jumpsuit - combined with an edgy hat and heel boots. Altogether the look has a very normcore touch to it.
Look No. 3 & 4 represent Zoe's style very well. It's very edgy, yet has an elegant touch to it, typical for Zoe she uses lots of layers in her outfits which give her a mysterious feeling, just right for her occupation as witch.

Similar clothes Zoe Benson would wear.

1st Look: Basics Basic Black Fitted Dress, It Girls Beckham Faux Fur Coat, bonjour bizou Textured Over Knee Boots, It Girls Lace Thigh High Tights, Royalty Antoinette Royalty Pearl Necklace, Special offer Amber Shades.
2nd Look: Archive Color Block Motorcycle Jacket, Velvet Orchid Zip Scalloped Tank, Callie's Picks Black Tie Skirt, bonjour bizou Gangster Glam Hat, Sub Couture Film Noir Shades, Fallen Angel Silver Shackle Cuff Left & Right, Jean Paul Gaultier Open Toe Wedges.
3rd Look: Rio Perforated Pleather Bandana, Royalty Black Soiree Jacket, Amy Claire Silk Tank, Saint Laurent Sparkly Black Mini, Frankie Morello Feather Fox Skirt, Saint Laurent YSL Mesh Knee Highs, Sonia Rykiel Black Platforms,
Royalty Antoinette Royalty Pearl Necklace.
4th Look: Decades Diana Scarf, PPQ Vinyl Shift Dress, PPQ SS13 Belt, Sub Couture Wood Black Platforms.

Contrary to Zoe, Madison is not afraid to show off some skin while mixing her looks with edgy shoes that have huge heels. Also Madison has a big obsession for fur and leather. Otherwise, predominant for Madison's style are shades, playful chokers, knee-high tights, necker chiefs and black hats such as turbans. In Coven Madison plays the Hollywood glamour girl, in that way her clothing style is modern, cheeky and fashionable. Look 1 & 3 resemble very well her fur predilection which she mostly lives by long, shaggy fur coats in muted colors. These she often combines with short skirts or dresses and heels or knee-high boots. The 2nd and 4th looks are in a way sassier and edgier than the other two. They both feature leather that is the center of attention in the outfits and gives the whole look a spicy glamorous touch.

Similar clothes Madison Montgomery would wear.

1st Look: Special Offer Floral Flopper Headpiece, LiuJo Golden Necklace, Killah Poke Necklace, Fallen Angel Lace Kimono, Museum Mile Mesh Army Top, Pretty n' Love Black Bloomers, nelly Rodeo Ankle Boots, Rio Static Bracelet, Fallen Angel Bracelet w/ studs.
2nd Look: Fallen Angel Hat, Basics Basic Black Lace Dress, Denim & Supply Rock Roll Maxi Skirt, Fallen Angel Gothic Pantyhose, nelly Grey Fillipa K Booties,
LiuJo Golden Necklace, Special Offer Great Ball Necklace, Rio Static Bracelet, Fallen Angel Bracelet w/ studs.3rd Look: Burlesque Hat, Callie's Picks Boho Fringe Vest, archive Dress Inspired by Anne Valérie Hash, bonjour bizou Poet Scarf, LiuJo Golden Necklace, Fallen Angel Bracelet w/ studs, Moxie Teens Fringy Boots.4th Look: Chanel Tribute Striped Cashmere Shawl, Mr. Safari Bag, Denim & Supply Ralph Hat, LiuJo Golden Necklace, Killah Poke Necklace, Fever Embroidered Crop Top, Callie's Picks Sequined Bikini Top, Jean Paul Gaultier Tribute Roslin Skirt, young hollywood Madonna Grammy Tights, Sub Couture Interlock Boots.
5th Look:
Fever Cute Crochet Top, Callie's Picks Sequined Bikini Top, LiuJo Golden Necklace, Tommy Hilfiger Aspen Wool Check Skirt, Sub Couture Interlock Boots, Fallen Angel Fallen Gloves.

Misty has a very hippie-esque punky style with bohemian, grungy accents. Personally, Misty Day's is one of my favorite styles because it's wild and for me portrays freedom and independence. She loves to wear several layers which give her a fairylike touch.
Also, Misty doesn't step back from fringe, long dresses and skirts and natural patterns as seen in the looks 2, 3 and 5 above. Her personal trademark is her cylinder and similar hats such as her endlessly long cardigans and shawls like in look 1 and 4. It's noticeable that she sticks to earth and nature colors that underline her hippielike appearance. Misty's style features several kinds of boots and sandals and often with heels or wedges. It's undeniable that Misty's biggest inspiration and idol is Stevie Nicks whose songs from Fleetwood Mac shape a part of her Misty's whole existence, personality and unmistakeably her style.

Similar clothes Misty Day would wear.

So, I really hoped you like my first episode of 'Get The Look: Coven'. Next time I'll present you three other very unique and beautiful ladies that have a stunning style just as the three girls above.

What is your favorite Coven style and with which witch do you embody the most?
Leave me your opinions down below on this post!


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  1. My favourite post of yours yet! Love the styling for all of them! Misty's is dead on.

  2. omg love this post! My favorite stylings are zoe's and misty's, love coven can't wait for the second part

  3. I love this! Wow! Amazing Misty's style *^*