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Highlights Of: The Paris Fashion Week F/W 2015

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Just like every year before, also this year many beautiful collections were presented at the Haute Couture F/W Fashion Weeek in Paris. Elie Saab, Dior, Giambattista Valli and Valentino belonged to my personal highlights.

Take a look at the complete Elie Saab collection here.

As always, Elie Saab presented beautiful handmade, princesslike gowns with romantic capes in natural colors as white, silver, gold and champagne. Other dominating colors were also burgundy, several shades of blue and turquoise which could be seen in many other brands as well.
Typical as in every collections before, Elie Saab's fashion pieces feature dreamy, sparkling ornaments that are spread over the whole fabric.

 Take a look at the complete Dior collection here.

Dior's haute couture collection stunned with beautiful, playful prints in discreet and soft colors & gown-like, majestic coats that varied from waist- to floorlength in also expressive colors as pink and midnightblue. They worked with wonderful soft and precious fabrics whose value was definitely recognisable throughout the whole collection.

Take a look at the complete Giambattista Valli collection here.

Giamvattista Valli featured beautiful exotic prints, wonderful haute couture gowns with floral details and of course the cloud-like giant Valli skirts combined with modern tops.

Take a look at the complete Valentino collection here.

For me, Valentino was one of the most impressive collections of all, not only because the cuts of the dresses and colors were magnificently beautiful but also because the feeling of fall and winter got totally transmitted throughout the majestic baroque feeling in whole line.
Even though the complete consisted solely of black, gold, red and champagne it didn't become ordinary and reductive but in fact proofed to be one of the most striking collections on the whole Fashion Week.

These were my favorite picks from the Paris Fashion Week F/W 2015, share with us what your highlights of the Fashion Week were down in the comments

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2 Kommentare

  1. Elie saab collection was nice, I loved those 3 dresses you posted , and ahh the 2 last dresses worn by you, it was an amazing choice <3
    Dior, it was nice too, well I loved the first one from your picks, but still I prefer the opened dresses from the 2-sides. they were lovely.
    G.V, well yea those were the best dresses from this collection without forgetting the green one, and the yellow one.
    And finally Valentino, I'm not a huge fan of it, I just loved the red dress at the end of the show, it was nice.
    it's sad to not see zuhair murad here, it was an amazing collection too <3 also congrats ont he blog , great idea...

    1. Right, Zuhair Murad was a very beautiful collection too. I decided to present only four collections in this post, if it had been five, Zuhair Murad had been picked as well. I especially loved how Murad's dresses looked like stars were tailored into the fabrics - it was fascinatingly detailed! - And thank you dear! x